• AMC
Next Generation 10-Core Packet Processor AMC module
Platform design considerations for the Kontron AMC module AM4211 include using it as an eNodeB and LTE network element component or, in combination with full-scale ATCA® blades, as a co-processor Network Interface Card (NIC). The key differentiators of the Kontron AM4211 with the Cavium CN6645 processor is the support of SRIO, which is in addition to PCI-e Gen 2 and XAUI. It also features a set of advanced hardware acceleration capabilities that include: 10Gbps+ for security, TCP packet processing and QoS; 4Gbps for 3rd generation DPI; 10Gbps+ for compression; 80Gbps+ for RAID/XOR/DeDup; and a schedule/synch/ordering engine for unlimited flows.