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제목 | [CG2300-Firmware] SUP11a
작성자 | 관리자 | 작성일 | 2019-04-10 | 조회 | 93
파일 | CG2300_SUP11a_EFI_BIOS01010028_ME030103051_BMC015611315_FRUSDR_106K503P.zip

We have just released SUP11a.  This is a “cosmetic” change with no functional impact. The reason is as below:


The SUP11a corrects the issue in the MASTER.CFG file (in SUP11) for the configuration string that specified SUP09 instead of SUP11. There was NO FUNCTIIONNAL IMPACT, but the message that is displayed during the update in Linux (via Intel One Boot Flash Update Utility) was confusing for the customer.

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